The Difference Between Satisfaction + Desire

“I am satisfied with what I have”…Of course this was regarding things in a closet or on a shelf but how often do we hear this statement spoken in a prideful moment of an enlightened, near zen type of sudden awakening from our peers, colleagues and acquaintances? Things, right? But what if this is deeper, what if this is life, what if this is the difference between making acquaintances passed as friends and making actual friends, the kind that you can call on and know that they will do and say what is best for you and not what is done to make them look and sound the best to you? What if this is a relationship, the difference between a partner and a soulmate, the difference in growing old together and growing together? What if this is our generation and the difference is between generation me and generation we? Would you still be satisfied with what you have or are we ready to speak of desire?
Desire, the object of our affection, the intangible beauty or the gift to the relentless? Is desire the oppressor or the savior? How about satisfaction, have we even defined it? Is it contentment, I mean if desire is the journey wouldn’t satisfaction be the destination? Humbly, I think satisfaction seems to be a physical and emotional resting point, so to the satisfied mind, desire would be a true sign of an uncertain person, someone that cannot make up their mind or settle on something…maybe not even one thing. Tell me, what holds more authenticity than uncertainty and not settling? Isn’t desire the ability to reach for more than you think you are currently capable of? The basis of our authentic selves? I do not claim to be right on this one, but I do dare to question the following, is the satisfaction of comfort great enough to dismiss the desire of your most authentic self, most authentic friendships, most authentic love? And back to the generational conundrum of my age group(millennials – much more on this topic in later posts), are we satisfied with our ‘me’ culture or do we desire to make good on our collective consciousness promise of a ‘we’ generation?

There is a difference between satisfaction and desire.

So I pose the question, Are you satisfied with what you have?


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