Walking In The Shadows Of No One (becoming the purpose driven leader inside)

Let go of what troubles you, it is holding you back. Let go of what comes easy to you, it is holding you back. Comfort and distress seem to be a similar hurdle, just a different approach toward the same result. How often do we stumble in our pride and our shame yet do little to change our action? Is it conditioning to seek familiarity or fear to seek difference? There are no safe bets or calculated risks in matters of the spirit, one must never have the answer ahead of the journey, there is a reason this is called discovery.

One must challenge oneself, put faith before fear, let go of shame and pride and walk in the shadows of no one, challenge oneself to worry less about being right and focus on being righteous, not the standing in artificial light self-righteous kind, but walking in the depths of darkness to shine new light kind of righteousness. This is not the time to be good, it is the time to do good. Not the time to dwell, but to act. Turbulent times are the call to become the purpose driven leader that is inside you.

Let go and let yourself be.

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