Listen With Every Ounce Of Your Being…

Everybody is rushing, rushing to get old, rushing to stay young, in a hurry to marry, in a hurry to get lonely, in a hurry to become somebody and in this rush to prove what we can do we miss out on the who that is living, being and becoming us.

At the drop of a dime we are ready to learn about someone and yet we forget to listen, distracted by the illusions of achievement, birth lottery, talent, societal advantage and any other mask that veils authenticity and eludes truth. You see words are only heard on levels of attraction and attraction is a liar, a veil that affords us only to hear what we are comfortable with hearing. So listen when someone speaks, have knowledge in the language and not the words, those require no patience nor interpretation, but be meticulous in how you hear the eyes, the heart, the soul, listen for the pauses, the breaths, the insecurities, the conviction, the freedom, the chains, the passion, the discipline, the love, listen with every ounce of your being, require them to speak with every ounce of theirs.

When I ask “How are you?,” I want to hear the answer in your sound, hear it in your phrasing, see it in your stare, feel it in your touch, I am no longer settling to rush through any part of my truth and I am hoping the same for you.


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