I The Thing vs. I The Spirit

What is in an I? I am a person, but am I more than an object? There is a comfort in the human experience that we are often attached to in fascination and even in excuse, it is duality, a quasi-separation of our being and our actions, I the thing versus I the spirit. If I may, I believe a great majority of us live mostly as I the thing, we are what we attach ourselves to. We are our jobs, our social circles, our status, our skills, ourselves as defined by others, and in constant motion we begin to describe ourselves as such. We begin to say things like “I am (insert job title here)” when asked to describe ourselves, we operate as objects belonging to lifeless things. Deep down I feel, a sense of attrition beneath the surface of each of us, as though this other side is fighting to breathe and exist, it’s this dormant instinct that starts to feel nostalgic for a time in which definitions of being, did not exist. This is I the spirit a God gifted I, a universe acquainted I. This is the I which lives beyond our education and succumbs only to wisdom, the I that is not a job but a purpose, this is the I that does not define friends but lives in the grace and light of friendship.

I the thing is this very structured sense of who we are, it is taught, it is conditioned, it is convenient in a “who I am is not what I do…unless what I do impresses you and your opinion of who I am,” Whereas “I the spirit” is more of a “I do the things I do because of who I am.” It is a purposeful existence, it is that inner voice, that spiritual sense of self, not prideful but humbled. It is who you are when the desire for validation fades. So how do we find it?

We must let go of notions, of generic infatuations of self and let go the pseudo-morality that undermines what are our actual values. We must shift our ideology to instinct, that which places us as the empaths of humanity, allowing us to live in presence, in wonder, in awe of living. When we wake up in the morning, we must wake the morning, let the world know that we are part of its presence and purpose. When we speak, let’s speak from the heart or not at all, not until it is honest, the world will know. When we smell the flowers, let’s smell the nectar and remind ourselves how sweet its smell comes of dirt, water and patience. Be present, be patient, be honest, reveal yourself to life and let it answer you back. Serve others without the ties of expectation, your time and the time given of others is already a miracle, enjoy it beyond labels and recognitions and I the spirit will meet you and you the world.

I am going to end this with a couple of questions, feel free to answer them in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Who are you when you’re not busy being YOU? When are you at your most free? That is your “I the spirit.”

3 thoughts on “I The Thing vs. I The Spirit

  1. When I’m not doing something for myself I am doing something which I think God requires me to do, and that is to be a witness for Him. I am most free when I’m out in nature, because I see so much of God’s handiwork there. I find nature to be very freeing and refreshing, because when I am there, I tend to forget any problems I may have been having and I just enjoy the feel of the air, to see the water, the trees, flowers, birds, or whatever may be around me.

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    1. That is wonderful, God’s presence is beautiful to witness in nature, as though heaven peaks through to remind us of the beauty and peace that is available to us if we choose to receive it. Nature has a way to reveal itself as we see fit for our state of being, we can see it’s beauty in the faces of animals, in the hearts of strangers, in the comfort of friends, nature is within us all and it is beautiful to be a part of it and to recognize and enjoy its majesty. I enjoyed reading your comment, thank you for sharing how you get in touch with your spirit.

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