A Seat For Some Other Table

Within headlines and creeds
dogmas and breeds, yes
we are no tribe, we are many.
Room at your table does not satisfy me always,
but sometimes,
the times in which I am willing to give
as much as you are willing to take, those times.

my choice…my choosing

You see, the head of my table is open
to my guests that fascinate me,
no, not the sycophant who indulges me,
that is a seat for some other table.
May I be excused?

yes…yes I may

For when my table is no longer my table,
there is no ownership essential enough
to absolve myself of service to humanity.
Prideful provocations, ignorant inclinations
were never made welcome nor the course,
so of course, when I see others give witness to
atrocities void of soul,

I too shall seek
a seat for some other table


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