Finding Your Magic

In conversation and even in passing, there are those of us with a twinkle, a spark in our eye, in our being. What is it and where does it come from? Is it the absence of fear or the welcome of acceptance? Perhaps neither, maybe at its core it is merely the absence of death, the acceptance of living, of life, not breath nor chance, but the miracle of being alive? To be so alive that the requirement is your presence, the only requirement to maintain that liveliness, to hear every word, to feel every pause, to enjoy every joy, to not only understand our own existence but to be active in it.

We tend to fear death, but are we not walking among the dying everyday? I see it in the commute to work, on the walks to school, in the elevator rides into offices, in the grocery stores, in conversation. We’ve become a society of countless people having come to some unpeaceful terms that one must only get through this day, this week, this job, this event, this year, to get to what? That promotion, that social circle, that title? We somehow have settled at this place where this moment is of no value, just the worry and anticipation for the next.

Now did you catch this lie? We do this constantly, perhaps more of a contradiction but the end result has no consequential difference. These are people at a grocery store, at work, at school, people who are obviously interested in preserving life, they are there to feed, to achieve, to learn, to nourish. So tell me how this moment does not matter to us as much as tomorrow, next week, month, year?

How do we awaken a spirit that has lost its spark? Well, we must shock the system, we must confront this idea of settling, of waiting for nothing to happen, of the need for the big moment and of the need to fit in. We must stand out, stand apart, live in the moment, we must happen to life rather than allowing for life to happen to us. Discover your magic, if you are unsure of where to find that, ask a close friend why it is that they are your friend, ask yourself why you need you. This is your starting point to being alive, right here, right now. This moment is valuable, find your magic and wear it proudly.

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