A Note For My Generation

At some point, in a dignified word, we will come to realize that life isn’t so much better for you as it is for me and vice versa. Somehow, for now, we all just seem to trade blows and cheap shots but sometimes hugs and wonderful thoughts need some light too. Maybe in my lifetime I will be a witness to the latter but if not may we at least do our best to contribute toward the advancement of such matters because humanity needs a chance, just like you, just like me, not meant to be polarized, categorized, colonized, culturally disguised, disenfranchised, anesthetized along with many other “-izes” and “isms”… No, we must be defined by more than what confuses us and separates us, we must learn to be human, we must embrace what we have in common and learn as much as we preach about what uniquely differentiates us. If this takes small steps so be it, for one day, many small steps will lead us to the most giant leap. Patience for progress will be the battle cry that will lead a generation to unchangeable truths, those of compassion, empathy and the desire to no longer strip identity of people different from us but to encourage and celebrate the individual that reaches the soul of each of us and not the collective comfort of the many of us.


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