“…listen with every ounce of your being, require them to speak with every ounce of theirs…”

How does one go about writing a bio on a blog about authenticity? What is more inauthentic than someone writing about who they believe they are based on what they have done in their life so far? We can go the third person route?….Armando Hernandez is a California based writer, a poet, and now blogger….while these are true of the things that I enjoy partaking in, they are my interests, not my being and speaking in third person is not even an interest, except for when Armando enjoys too much coffee and requires too much unnecessary attention…Today, however, is not one of those days and I cannot humor nor stomach one more third person reference of myself so i will at worst, describe what i do and at best, through that, I can hopefully share with you who I am.

Well, first things first, I am Armando(hence the Armie), born and raised in California, which has definitely shaped much of my life, my heritage resides deep within the roots of this state so even if I tried to escape it, it is essentially the motherland. I am the proud son of the most loving and compassionately strong mother whose spiritual toughness knows nothing of the word quit, the fortunate brother of a beautifully strong-willed intelligent sister with whom I co-own Wayward & Free, a vegan and cruelty-free fashion and design house. One can say that the family history has passed down the tradition and integrity of a Wayward spirit and that is without even mentioning the extent to which I learned the art of conviction, my Gram, and the “leave no stone unturned” questioning of my Grandfather. Naturally, I am a man of my own conviction, seeker of my own truth, defender in the truth of others and hopefully a kindhearted and empathic human. I adore writing, I genuinely love words and how they matter, I enjoy being a student of life, I enjoy seeking fulfillment spiritually and socially, I enjoy good conversation and good company, I enjoy solitude and a good book. I am in love with music and occasionally making music. I do live a vegan lifestyle, I love animals very much and spiritually it has brought me so much peace. Lastly, I absolutely adore learning, I am a listener of purpose (sometimes a reluctant one) and a faithful believer in hope and truth.

About The Blog

The idea of Wayward Armie is something that came about as a way for me to come into my own as a part of this millennial generation. Through essays, poetry, thoughts and visual storytelling, Wayward Armie is my way of contributing to a community of people who dare to demand that authenticity be the the culture of spirituality, leadership, life, love and our language, how we speak and treat one another. A community that demands our generation to take its part in the betterment of our culture…Wayward Armie is a journey within the self and doing so in everyday life. A journey to be authentic with ourselves, our family, our friends, in our language, in our compassion, in our spirituality, in our beliefs and keeping ourselves honest with those beliefs at home, at work…always.

Welcome to Wayward Armie, a blog about culture + finding our authentic self within it