All or Nothing

Why do you seek all or nothingwhen the blocks and bricksare being built and laid in succession?Just because they give the truth,that convenience is only vanityof your moral high ground?Unknownst to the ego,Unraveled in the eye. -AH

Of Beauty

How beautiful you are when you live without being told When your words are love and your validation not sold. When your greatness is measured by the goodness, not on a sleeve, but in an unhidden heartbeat. How beautiful you are guarded when fragile, strongest when allowed                                     to break. -AH

I The Thing vs. I The Spirit

What is in an I? I am a person, but am I more than an object? There is a comfort in the human experience that we are often attached to in fascination and even in excuse, it is duality, a quasi-separation of our being and our actions, I the thing versus I the spirit. If…

I Have Come To Believe

In this sleep,swept away in a dreamI think of stars and space,galaxies and gracetraveling through meare the heavens + dusta Holy Spirit is a handon the gavel of justicespeaking the words so sincerelike it’s just us.From novas to supernovasand into the stratosphereI take a breath andrelease all my fear,you held me gentlyin the palm of…