Neon Lights + Indigo Waters

Neon lights above indigo waters,
truth and mystic collide.
From the depths of Neptune
to the far reaches of Jupiter, the cosmos.

All of it,
for just a moment…
I had held,
a city of angels.
On the wings of hope
and in the valley of dreams, a beginning.

A peace emerges in my soul
as I sit atop the wheel overlooking
the city, the pier, the sea.
Wondering if the magic finds its home
in the hearts of many as in me?

Under the stars,
these Santa Monica skies
lend themselves to my imagination.
Here lies the sun, the moon, and in the middle…my soul.

In the twilight glow,
the buzzy neon show amidst an indigo tide.
The promise of the cosmos
written on my scarlet heart.
in my palm… a city, one of angels, of mystics, of me

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